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By red, March 21, 2013 0 , ,

This action-survival-horror game brings back much of the Dead Space formula, but ultimately runs too long and becomes an attempt at microtransactions from EA.

By red, March 13, 2013 0

A lot of potential, but overwhelming amounts of bugs make you want to watch out for on-the-job hazards in Sim City 2013…

By Misery Machine, January 22, 2013 1 Multiplayer, PC, RPG

Sign up now for the Elder Scrolls Online closed beta. Also check out our ongoing discussion for this highly anticipated MMO here:,5754.0.html  

By Misery Machine, August 7, 2012 0 FPS, Games, Multiplayer, PC

Starting today, you can purchase CS:GO prior to release.  Doing so will give you a 10% discount on the price and access to the CS:GO Beta starting August 14th.  Here’s some linkage for more info:  Also check out our… Read More »

By Misery Machine, April 10, 2012 0 Games, Multiplayer, The Old Republic

BioWare has announced that the long awaited and major 1.2 update will be going live on Thursay, April 12 at 1:00 am.  The estimated down time of the servers is approximately 8 hours.  This update is supposed to even out… Read More »

By diggxdugg, March 31, 2012 1 , ,

The third and final chapter in the highly acclaimed Mass Effect series (no spoilers).

By Misery Machine, March 23, 2012 0

Here’s a preview video on the upcoming legacy system.  Look for this in the 1.2 major update coming soon!